Saskatchewan Courses List


Saskatchewan has more than 250 golf courses. In fact, per capita, the province has more golf courses than any other place in the world, according to the National Golf Foundation.

The breakdown: An estimated 60 courses have sand (S) greens and the remainder grass (G) greens. Private courses and semi-private courses have also been indicated. Seventy-four courses are located in regional parks. Golf Saskatchewan has almost 200 affiliate members.

Additions and deletions to this listing are welcome so we can keep this list up-to-date.

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Abbey Golf Club, Abbey (9-S)
Assiniboia Golf Club, Assiniboia (9-G)
Bengough Regional Park Golf Club, Bengough (9-S)
Burstall Golf Club, Burstall (9-G)
Chinook Golf Course, Swift Current (18-G)
Coronach and District Golf Club, Coronach (9-G)
Cypress Hills Golf Course (Maple Creek) (9-G)
Davidson Golf Course (9-G)
Elmwood Golf Course, Swift Current (18-G)
Eston Riverside Regional Park, Eston
Gofer Golf Club (9), Mortlach
Harbor Golf Club and Resort, Elbow (18-G)
Hillside Golf Club, Sceptre (9-S)
Indian Hill Golf Course (9), Pennant
Kyle Golf Club, Kyle (9-S)
Lac Pelletier Golf Club, Swift Currnet (9-S)
Lake Crest Golf Club (9), Lafleche
Maple Creek Golf Club, Maple Creek (9-G)
Miry Creek Golf Course (9-S), Cabri
Mossbank Golf Club, Mossbank (9-S)
Ponteix Golf Course (9-G), Ponteix
Reed Lake Country Club, Morse (9-S)
River Ridge Golf Club, Leader (9-G)
Rock Creek Golf Club, Shaunavon (9-G)
Rockin Beach Golf Club (9), Rockglen
Sage View Golf Course, Riverhurst (9-G)
Saskatchewan Landing Golf Resort, Lake Diefenbaker (18-G) 375-2233 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Streambank Golf Course, Eastend (9-G)
Thomson Lake Golf Course, Thomson Lake, Lafleche (9-G)
Willow Bunch Golf Club (9-G)


Bredenbury Golf Club (9-astroturf)
Broadview Golf Club, Broadview (9-S)
Carlton Trail Regional Park Golf Course, Spy Hill (9-G)
Carlyle Golf Course, Carlyle (9 – G)
Carnduff Golf Club, Carnduff (9-G)
Chaplin Municipal Golf Club, Chaplin (9-S)
Eddy Golf Club, Bulyea (9-S)
Esterhazy Golf and Country Club (9-G)
TS & M Woodlawn Golf Club, Estevan (18-G) Flag Marker for Map 1a
Fillmore 33 Golf Club, Fillmore (9-S)
Gateway Cities Golf Club, North Portal (701)
Golf Kenosee, Carlyle (18-G) Flag Marker for Map 1a
Grenfell Regional Park Golf Club, Grenfell (9-S)
Hidden Valley Resort, Estevan (par 3)
Holdfast Golf Club, Holdfast (9-S)
Katepwa Family Golf Course, Katepwa Beach (9)
Katepwa Golf Club, Katepwa (9-G)
Kipling Golf Course (9-G)
Lampman Golf Club, Lampman (9-S)
Last Oak Golf and Country Club, Broadview (18-G)
Mainprize Regional Park, Golf Course, Midale (18-G)
Maryfield Golf Club (9-G)
Meadow Dale, Gull Lake (9-G)
Memorial Park Golf Club, Oungre (9-G)
Moose Creek Golf Club, Moose Creek Regional Park, Oxbow (9-G)
Moosomin Golf Club, Moosomin (9-G)
Neudorf Golf Course (9-S)
Ogema Riverview Golf Club, Ogema (9)
Pipestone Hills Golf Club, Moosomin (9-G)
Redvers Golf Club (9-G)
Robertdale Golf and Country Club, Radville (9-S)
Rocanville Town and Country Golf Club, Rocanville (9-G)
Shamrock Regional Golf Course, Chaplin area (9-S)
Stoughton Golf and Country Club, Stoughton (9-G)
Strasbourg Golf Club, Strasbourg (9-S)
Wapella Golf Course (9-G)
Weyburn Golf Course, Weyburn (18-G)
Whitewood Golf and Country Club, Whitewood (9-G)
Windthorst Golf Club (9-S)
Wolseley Golf Club (9-G)


Aspen Links Country Club, White City (27 holes)
Craig Golf Course, Regina (9-S)
Cupar Golf Club, Cupar (9-S)
Deer Ridge Golf Course, Moose Jaw (18-G)
Deer Valley Golf and Estates (18-G) 731-1445 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Flowing Springs Golf Greens, Condie (18-G)
Green Acres Golf Course, Balgonie (9-G)
Joanne Goulet Golf Course, Regina (18-G)
Hillcrest Sports Centre, Moose Jaw (18-G)
Indian Head Golf Course, Indian Head (9-G)
Long Creek Golf and Country Club, Avonlea (18-G)
Lakeview Golf Course, Regina (Par 3)
Lynbrook Golf Course, Moose Jaw (18-G)
Murray Golf Course, Regina (18-G)
Punnichy Golf Club, Punnichy (9-S)
Regent Golf Course (Par 3)
Regina Beach Golf Club, Regina Beach (9-G)
Royal Regina Golf Club, Regina (18-G) semi-private
Sherwood Forest Country Club, Regina district (9-G)
Tor Hill Golf Club, Regina (27-G)
Wascana Country Club, Regina (18-G) private
Westfalia Golf Course, Pilot Butte (9-G)


Antler Acres Golf Club, Churchbridge (9-G)
Canora Golf and Country Club, Canora (9-G)
Cherrydale Golf Course, Yorkton (Par 3)
Deer Park Municipal Golf Course, Yorkton (18-G)
Echo Ridge Golf Course, Fort Qu’Appelle (9-G)
Fishing Lake Regional Park Golf (9-G)
Club Foam Lake Golf and Country Club, Foam Lake (9-G)
Foam Lake Golf Course, Fishing Lake (9-G)
Good Spirit Lake Golf and Country Club, Canora (18-G)
Greenhills Golf Resort, Greenwater Provincial Park (18-G)
Hidden Meadows Golf Course, Pleasantdale (9-G)
Hudson Bay Golf Club, Hudson Bay (9-G)
Humboldt Golf Club, Humboldt (18-G)
Ituna District Golf and Country Club, Ituna (9-S)
Kamsack Riverside Golf Club, Kamsack (9-G)
Kelvington Golf Course, Kelvington (9-G)
Lanigan Golf and Country Club, Lanigan (9-G)
LeRoy Lesisureland and Golf Course, LeRoy (9-G)
Madge Lake Golf Resort, Madge Lake (18-G)
Manitou Beach Golf Club, Watrous (9-G)
Marean Lake Golf Course, Marean Lake, Porcupine Plain (9_
McNab Regional Park Golf Course, Watson (9-G)
Melfort Golf and Country Club, Melfort (18-G)
Melville Regional Park Golf Course, Melville Golf and Country Club (18-G)
Montmartre Golf Club, Montmartre (9-S)
Nokomis Golf Club, Nokomis (9-S)
Pasquia Golf Club, Carrot River (9-G)
St. Brieux Regional Park Golf Course, St. Brieux (9-G)
Stoney Meadows, Naicam (9)
Tisdale Riverside Golf Course, Tisdale (9-G)
Valley Fairways Golf Course, McKague (9-G)
Wadena Golf Club (9-S)
Wakaw Lake Regional Park Golf Course, Wakaw Lake (9-G)
Wynyard Golf Club (9-G)
York Lake Golf and Country Club, Yorkton (18-G)


Atton’s Lake Regional Park Golf Course, Cutknife (9-G)
Bell Acres, Luseland (9)
Biggar Golf Course, Biggar (9-G)
Blaine Lake Citizen’s Golf Club, Blaine Lake (9)
Blueberry Hill Golf Course, Turtleford (9)
Brightsand Regional Park Golf Club, Lloydminister (9-S)
Coleville Golf Club, Coleville (9)
Crystal Beach Regional Park, Haris (9)
Dodsland Golf Clu, Dodsland (9)
Eagle Creek Golf Course, Stranraer (9)
Eagle Creek Golf Course, Asquith (9)
Edam and District Golf Club, Edam (9)
Glenburn Golf Club, Maymont (9-S)
Hoosier and District Golf Club, Hoosier (9)
Jackfish Lodge Lake Golf Course, Cochin (18-G) 386-2877 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Kerrobert Golf Course, Kerrobert (9-G)
Kindersley Regional Park Golf Course, Kindersley (9-G)
Lashburn Town and Country Golf Course, Lashburn (9-G)
Little Loon Regional Park, Glaslyn (9-G)
Lloydminster Golf and Curling Centre, Lloydminster (18-G) 825-5494 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Loon Lake Golf Club, Makwa Lake Provincial Park, Loon Lake (9)
Macklin Lakeview Golf Club, Macklin Lake Regional Park (9-G)
Memorial Lake Golf Course, Shell Lake (18-G)
Meota and District Golf Course, Meota (9-G)
Mervin and District Golf Club, Turtleford (9-G)
Milden Golf Club, Milden (9)
North Battleford Golf & Country Club, North Battleford (18-G) 937-5656 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Ormaux Fairways, Debden (9)
Pine Ridge Golf and Country Club, Waldheim (9)
Rolling Green Fairways, Lloydminister (18-G)
Rosetown Golf and Country Club, Rosetown (9-G)
Sandy Beach Regional Park and Golf Course, Alcurve (9-S)
Saskatchewan Hospital Golf Course, North Battleford (9-G)
Silver Lake Golf Course, Maidstone (9-G)
St. Walburg Elks Golf Club, St. Walburg (9)
Unity Golf Club, Unity (9-G)
Valley Golf and Country Club, Rosthern (18-G)
Wilkie Golf Club, Wilkie (9-G)


Blackstrap Lake, Sheilds (9-G)
Borden Golf Club (9)
CFB Dundurn, Dundurn (9-S)
Colonsay Golf Course, Colonsay
Coteau Beach Golf Club, Saskatoon District (9-S)
Dakota Dunes Golf Links (18-G), Whitecap Dakota First Nation, 1-877-414-4653 Toll Free Flag Marker for Map 1a
Delisle Golf Course, Delisle (G-9)
Greenbryre Country Club, RR5 Saskatoon (18-G) 373-7600 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Hanley Golf Club, Hanley (9-S)
Harbor Golf Club and Resort, Elbow (18-G)
Holiday Park Golf Course, Saskatoon (27-G)
Legends Golf Course, Warman (18-G) 931-8814 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Moonlake Golf and Country Club, Saskatoon (27-G) 382-5500 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Outlook Riverview Golf Club, Outlook (9-G)
Perdue Oasis, Perdue, Sask (20 Holes -G)
Redberry Lake Regional Park, Golf Course (9-S)
Riverside Country Club (Private), Saskatoon (18-G)
Saskatoon Golf & Country Club, Saskatoon (18-G)
Silverwood Golf Course, Saskatoon (Par 3, 18-G)
Spiritwood Golf Course, Spiritwood (18-G)
Valley Golf and Country Club, Rosthern (18-G)
Wakaw Lake Regional Park Golf Course, Wakaw Lake (9-G)
Waldheim Golf Club (9-S)
Wildwood Golf Course, Saskatoon (18-G)
Willows Golf and Country Club, Saskatoon (36-G) 956-4653 Flag Marker for Map 1a


Candle Lake Golf Resort, Candle Lake (18-G)
Canwood Pines Golf Course, Canwood (9-S)
Chitek Lake Golf Course, Chitek Lake (9-G)
Clearwater Regional Park Golf Club (9-S)
Cooke Municipal Golf Course, Prince Albert (18-G) 763-2502 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Eagle Point Resort, Lac La Ronge (9-G)
Elk Ridge Resort, Waskesiu (27-G) 1-800-510-1824 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Emma Lake Golf Course, Emma Lake (18-G)
Evergreen Golf Club, Nipawin (18-G) 862-4811 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Fairview Fairways, Prince Albert (9-G)
Hudson Bay Golf Club, Hudson Bay (9-G)
Kachur’s Country Club, Shellbrook Highway, Prince Albert (18-G)
Mark’s Nine Golf and Country Club, Prince Albert (9-G)
Meadow Lake Golf Club, Meadow Lake (18-G)
Mervin and District Golf Club, Turtleford (9)
Northern Meadows Golf Club (9-G) 306-238-4653 Flag Marker for Map 1a
Big River Golf Club (9)
Pasquia Regional Park Golf Course, Carrot River (9-G)
Phantom Lake Golf Club, Creighton (9)
Rolling Pines Golf and Country Resort, Tobin Lake (9-G)
Hidden Hills of Shellbrook Golf Course, Shellbrook (9-G)
Silver Hills Golf Resort, Prince Albert (9-G)
Snow Castle Lodge and Golf Course, Candle Lake (9)
Spruce Home Golf Course, Prince Albert (9-G)
Suffern Lake Regional Park Golf Club, Senlac (9-S)
Sunshine Fairways, Debden (9-G)
Waskesiu Golf Course, Prince Albert National Park, Waskesiu Lake (18-G) 663-5300 Flag Marker for Map 1a