Looking good, playing good, and feeling good — all while having a good time. Longball Athletics is so much more than just an apparel company. It’s a lifestyle.


Putting on an article of Longball clothing means you love the game of golf and the experience it is. Sure, your goal is to do well, but having fun is the most important part.

Golf needs an awakening. It can’t just be a slow game with handshakes and the odd beer. It’s fun, but needs to be promoted better. We’ve seen more polarizing, exuberant athletes entering the fray like Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler and Michelle Wie who are helping the viewing numbers, but the participation needs to rise.

LongballPromotion of the entertainment golf can provide is essential to Longball’s success. Golfing is also made better by the group you are with, and if you’ve got a Longballer, even the worst outing of your golf career can be fun.

Longball supporters know this. They’ll yell, chirp, push and drink. Celebrations are more than high-fives — they are emphatically planned handshakes, chest bumps or celebrations with beverages. They don’t play your grandpa’s golf, unless your grandpa is a Longball supporter and wicked dude.

An idea that was born from a few friends to support another friend who was an aspiring pro golfer took off into a full-fledged business venture. Starting with a few hats and shirts, the dream grew, and in no time, Longball was blossoming into a bigtime company.  A group of Red Deer friends who loved the game of golf along with the competition wanted to showcase their passion on the backs of other golfers. Once the first shirt and hat was made for the first Longball athlete, Mitch Evanecz, the dream became reality. Shorty after, Longball grew as more athletes wanted to gear up and Evanecz spread the word around the Canadian Tour of the lifestyle and Canadian company.

LongballTeam and family are some of the most commons words mentioned when discussing the lifestyle with the Longball team and athletes. Players root for each other at different tournaments and everyone is invested in the advancement in others, whether that means on the golf side of things, or in the business area. Even if two LB golfers are pitted against each other, they wouldn’t wish bad results upon another.

Longball goes beyond golf by getting highly involved in the community. This year, they are part of the Victor Walk alongside Theo Fleury. Victor Walk is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness for childhood sex abuse. The annual Longball Open, entering its fifth year this summer, has grown massively. In the first year, there were just a few groups going out, but this summer, an expected total of 144 eager golfers will hit the links at River Spirit Golf Club.  With a silent auction featuring a wealth of amazing products, the bidding gets frenzied. All money goes back to a charity — last tournament’s cause was KidSport Calgary.

Longball is proud to give complete golf sets to schools in order to grow the game and get kids active and continue to bring youthfulness into the sport. Implementing the game younger and sharing the fun side of the game is crucial for both golf and Longball.

Next time you spot someone with Longball apparel one, strike up a conversation – you probably have a mutual friend. That’s the reach of the Longball family.


One of the first product booths that caught our eye at the 2016 PGA of Saskatchewan Buying Show was the Longball booth. With bold colors and a perfect mix of various shades of blues, the 10′ by 10′ Longball booth was perfectly stocked to give buyers an exciting visual experience.

LongballBeing a Canadian – based company also made the Longball booth that much more appealing. And outside of the products being easy on the eyes, probably the one major draw for me personally is knowing that some of Canada’s most dedicated Golfers / Athletes are involved with the marketing of the products. Popular PGA of Canada Professional Todd “Halpeno” Halpen is spotted in the Longball “Look Book”, along with another popular Western Canadian golfer, Kyla Inaba. Both Todd and Kyla are incredibly dedicated to not only their own personal growth in competitive golf, but in growing the game of golf in general. Not be be left out, it’s great to see Scott Stiles stay involved in the Golf Industry as a Longball Sales Agent. Scott recently played on the McKenzie Tour PGA Tour Canada and is an all around good guy with a passion for growing golf as well.

Back to the Longball goods, our favorite products were the line-up of Accessories, from the smartly designed socks (with all sorts of color combos, and in short and full length) to the perfectly fitted hats. In the Women’s Fashion area, Longball had some great looking Jackets and Sweaters that could easily be worn to the yoga studio without looking any bit out of place. A well struck combination of colors in all Women’s wear was again easy on the eyes.

Making my way around the Saskatoon region this past summer, I noticed many Pro Shops stocking the Longball products, and it looks as though there is no slowing down for this growing Canadian company as we move into 2017.

Well done Team Longball!

Visit the Longball website today at www.longball.com

Longball Look Book

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