Off-Season Putting Practice

Off-Season Putting Practice

No More 3 Putts! Off-Season Practice, In-Season Confidence.

If you’re an avid golfer in Saskatchewan, I can almost guarantee that at some point during our cold off-season you’ve picked up your putter in the house and rolled a few putts. I know I have!

It helps scratch that little golf itch that we get while looking outside at the snow and cold. It also gets our hands on a club, and in most cases, the putter is one of the most important clubs to get your hands on! So get that putter out of the closet more often and practice putting at home! These two drills can easily be adapted to be done at home. I would suggest getting a can of pop (or beer) and putting to that as your target. It will be a little smaller than the golf hole, which means when you get outside in the spring, the real target should look huge!

The important points to take from the video at the end of this: Alignment and Pace.

The first drill is straight forward, mostly working on alignment. The more 10 foot putts you make, the more confidence you will gain and the more aggressive you will putt on the course. Don’t be afraid to hit those 10 foot putts with some pace in order to take the curve out of it.

The second drill (Around the World) is a well known tour drill. In this drill, pace is key! The 2-3 foot putt scares far too many people, so if your buddies aren’t going to let you pick it up, you better be ready to make it! On the course, hit the back of the cup. Indoors, hit that can with enough speed that it bounces off a bit and doesn’t just tap it. People miss this putt on the golf course far too often because they want to lag it into the hole – don’t be afraid of missing and having another one coming back. Instead, make the first one with confidence!

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PGA of Saskatchewan Professional Garrett McMillan is a regular contributor to the SaskGolfer community.For help with your golf game, contact Garrett at The Golf Academy of Regina.

Garrett McMillan / PGA of Saskatchewan / Royal Regina GC & The First Tee Indoor Golf Centre

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PGA of SaskatchewanThe PGA of Saskatchewan is a part of the PGA of Canada, which was established in 1911, and is the second oldest and third largest professional golf association in the world. The PGA of Canada is a non-profit Association comprised of 3,700 golf professionals across the country. The PGA of Canada develops, promotes, and supports members in living a better life and earning a better living. The Association consists of the National Office located in Acton, Ontario and nine Zone Offices across the country.

Saskatchewan is one of the smallest provincial PGA of Canada sections, yet has some of the most highly educated and trained Golf Professionals in the country. There are many PGA of Saskatchewan Members who dedicate a significant amount of time devoted to Instructing and Coaching golfers of all abilities and ages. For a complete listing of PGA of Saskatchewan Members who can improve your golf game, please visit their website at

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