PGA of Canada - Saskatchewan Zone Spring Launch 2018

PGA of Canada - Saskatchewan Zone

PGA of Canada – Saskatchewan Zone Spring Launch 2018

PGA of Canada – Saskatchewan Zone Spring Launch: Featuring Keynote Speaker John Graham

We’ve said it a few times before, but it’s definitely worth repeating…Saskatchewan has some of the most dedicated PGA of Canada Professionals in all of Canada.

Professionals from all over Saskatchewan came together on Tuesday, March 27th for their annual “Spring Launch”, hosted by the always gracious staff at the Royal Regina Golf Club. Keynote speaker and popular New York – based full time putting Coach on the PGA and LPGA Tours, John Graham, provided a highly engaging and informative full day presentation on Putting. In attendance were many award-winning PGA of Canada – Saskatchewan Zone Professionals, including National Award Winners Amanda Minchin, Jeff Chambers and Jason Schneider. Competitive amateur golfers, looking to sharpen up their putting, were also on hand to learn from one of the best Putting Coaches in the game of golf.

John Graham’s background and story on becoming one of the leading Golf Coaches in the world is amazing.

Currently living in Rochester, New York, Graham is a busy family man who, along with his wife, stay active raising 4 children ranging in ages from 9 to 15 years old. We’ve all heard of the popular AimPoint Green Reading Method. Well, John was one of the very first in the world to teach AimPoint to greatly improve his students’ putting skills. With a loyal and strong Twitter following (15,000+ followers), John has admitted to securing some high profile students through his social media posts. Coaching the likes of PGA Tour Player Charles Howell III and LPGA Tour Player Sydnee Michaels, and Coaching almost exclusively Tour Professionals, John spends many weekdays traveling all over the world to help Tour Players gain that competitive advantage.

Recently, one of John’s PGA Tour students, following an in-depth analysis of his putting statistics and measurements with John, gained a 1/2 stroke per round. Add that total up during a 4 day competitive PGA Tour event (total of 2 shots), and it works out to be an incredible increase in FedEx Cup Points and Earnings over the length of the season.

In my opinion, one of the true measures of a Teaching Professional’s talent lies in being able to clearly communicate the correct messages to their students, and quickly, and most importantly, accurately, identify strengths and weaknesses in a golfer’s game. One of the clearest messages that John voiced to the PGA of Canada – Saskatchewan Zone Professionals in attendance was his statement that “one of the best ways to improve your student’s learning is to not tell them what they’re doing wrong, but to focus on what they need to improve moving forward“.

There are many factors involved in successful Putting (starting line, eye position, solid contact, ball position, distance from ball, width of stance, grip style, etc.), and John’s Coaching skills were put to the test when Kyle Mulligan, General Manager of the Royal Regina Golf Club, volunteered to showcase his putting in front of his peers. The very personable Mulligan, admitting to having ongoing struggles with shorter putts, rolled a few putts under John’s trained eye. John asked Kyle a variety of discovery questions (“when you miss putts, which way do you miss, left or right?) to help diagnose his putting issues. Within 10 minutes, after moving Kyle further away from the ball at address and through the use of a Visio MI Putting Aid to help control Kyle’s stoke and putter face angle, the end result was quite apparent…a better stroke shape and putter face path, and ideally more dropped putts for Kyle this summer!


PGA of Canada - Saskatchewan Zone


Throughout the presentation, there were numerous enlightening comments / quotes from John, including;

  • “The best putters don’t accelerate through the ball, they decelerate“.
  • “Missing putts on ‘The Pro Side‘ is a myth”.
  • “The best putters through history are the ones who look comfortable & relaxed“.
  • Steve Stricker, one of the best putters on Tour, when determining his line for putting, figures out ‘Max Break’ and plays a little bit less than that”.
  • “A left-hand-low (for right handed golfer) grip style for putting encourages a ball starting out right”.
  • “A wider putting stance encourages a more straight putter head path”.
  • “If a student moves farther from the ball when putting, that encourages a ball starting out right (for a right handed golfer)”.

All told, the 2018 PGA of Canada – Saskatchewan Zone Spring Launch was a very successful day of networking and learning, ultimately arming the Golf Professionals with plenty of inspiration and knowledge to assist Saskatchewan golfers this upcoming golf season.

If presented with the opportunity to attend any future PGA of Canada – Saskatchewan Zone Seminars or Events, do yourself (and your golf game) a favor and sign up to attend. Visit the website for more information on how the PGA of Canada Members throughout Saskatchewan are “Growing The Game”.

Huge thanks to John Graham for the entertaining presentation, and the entire PGA of Canada – Saskatchewan Zone Board for inviting SaskGolfer to the Spring Launch!


View one of John’s popular Putting Drills…

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