TrackMan Makes Appearances in Saskatchewan

TrackMan Makes Appearances in Saskatchewan

One of the Golf Industry’s most advertised / promoted Technology tools is available to golfers of all abilities in the province of Saskatchewan.

Watch any televised coverage of Golf and you will no doubt, at some point during the telecast, be shown ball flight TrackMan4-Launch-Monitorgraphics or some detailed numbers on Clubhead Speed, Ball Speed, Launch Angle or Carry Distance. And we are pretty certain those numbers will be shown alongside a TrackMan logo!

That valuable TrackMan technology is currently available to golfers of any age and ability, thanks to a handful of PGA of Canada of Saskatchewan Professionals who have recognized the importance of utilizing high end technology with their students.

“This past summer I’ve had the opportunity to experience how the Trackman can better any golfer’s game. With the proper training from Trackman University and understanding each measurement, it becomes very clear how Trackman technology can greatly improve golfers performance across all levels of playability. Whether a player is looking to improve their ball striking, gain a few extra yards from their driver or know exactly how far they hit their 6 iron, Trackman provides instantaneous feedback that can be catalogued for the student and teacher. Trackman also allows students to test their game with putting them through customized test centers which immediately allows the student to see where they game is the strongest, and what the student needs to work on. We have had a number of hesitant students try it out and they were instantly engulfed with the information provided by Trackman and trying to better their Trackman numbers with every swing. I have had a number of students raving about the instant progress they have made to their game with a quick hour lesson using Trackman. Compared to a conventional golf lesson, students begin to quickly understand the benefits and see a much quicker, shorter learning curve.”

– Craig Prentice, GM / Head Professional, The Legends Golf Club

Following is a brief account of our TrackMan Session. We are firm believers that ANY competitive golfer in Saskatchewan will truly benefit from any number of TrackMan Sessions with your local PGA of Saskatchewan Professional. The benefits far outweigh the cost!

Craig Prentice, General Manager / Head Professional at The Legends Golf Club in Warman, recently walked us through the TrackMan services on the driving range and the results were simply amazing! Not only were we able to determine exact carry distances for every club in the bag, but we also had an “Aha!” moment that has dramatically improved my driver accuracy.

While warming up my old bones for about 10 minutes, Craig walked me through the various testing processes and explained what exactly TrackMan can measure, and then he asked me what specifically I was wanting to get out of the experience. Not knowing my exact carry distances with any of my clubs, I told Craig that was my first priority, followed by a testing of accuracy with my new driver.

We immediately went to work, hitting 4 balls with each club in my bag (the more balls you hit, the more accurate the results will be). While I hit away, Craig was busy entering the club information on his iPad. The time went by quickly, and the entire range session was flawless, lasting approximately an hour. After we were done hitting balls, Craig emailed the details of the session, and I now have exact Carry Yardages for all 13 golf clubs in my bag. We even measured how far a 1/2 wedge shot was carrying.

Probably the most revealing measurement came when I asked Craig to measure my carry distance with my driver. Recently I had been choking down on my Driver, feeling like I was able to control my accuracy better. Not sure if my overall distance was being affected by choking down, I wanted to check the carry distance while taking a normal grip, and then while gripping about 2 inches down the shaft. The end result was one of the best revelations I have had in my personal golf game in years! The TrackMan numbers showed that I was incredibly more accurate while choking down, and surprisingly I wasn’t losing any overall carry distance. Long story short…

Do yourself and your Golf Game a favor and book a TrackMan Session with your local PGA of Saskatchewan Professional today!


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What is TrackMan?

Quoted directly from the website, TrackMan technology is basically microwaves reflecting from a moving golf club and golf ball. The change in frequency of these waves is what makes it possible to track what happens at the very moment of impact between club and ball.

TrackMan has a long history of working with golf radar technology. The company was established in 2003 with the sole purpose of helping golf professionals understand more about this critical moment in time. The TrackMan golf radar not only helps map these key data parameters – ball speed, attack angle, club path, face angle, etc. – it also captures the golf swing with a built-in HD video camera or with the use of external cameras.

Radar technology (also called a portable golf launch monitor or swing analyzer) is an integral part of the golf instruction today. Whether it is used for golf swing lessons, analysis, or club fitting, the golf radar and software are suited to be used by professional trainers, coaches, and players; as well as golf beginners. The software offers games and other practice applications through the laptop or mobile version.

TrackMan Locations in Saskatchewan

The Legends


The Legends Golf Club /


Kevin Dietz Golf


Regina Golf Lessons – Tor Hill Golf Course /



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