ICR Charity Golf Classic 2019

ICR Charity Golf Classic

ICR Charity Golf Classic 2019

The Men’s ICR Charity Classic started in 2003 with the company’s commitment to support Muscular Dystrophy Research; a local family with two sons diagnosed with a rare strain of a disease known as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

The mandate of the tournament is to help other families, but the desire to keep the funds locally remains at the forefront of this event. Over the years this tournament has raised funds for Help One, The Lighthouse, The Bridge, Wheels of Dreams, Inner City Schools, and the University Hospital for cause dealing with Urology, Brain Trauma, Oral Health and much more. In total, upwards of $850,000 have been raised to support local charities.

The ICR Charity Classic is, top to bottom, one of the most successful Charity Golf Events in all of Saskatchewan, raising considerable funds for very worthy charities…nice work team! – J. Anderson

Visit the ICR Charity Classic website…HERE


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