The 5 Round Challenge – Improve Your Playing

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The 5 Round Challenge – Improve Your Playing

PGA of Saskatchewan5 rounds of golf, that’s all it takes! No swing changes, no complicated programs, no meditation before each shot, just simply play 5 rounds of golf.

“But Garrett, I play 60 rounds of golf a year, and I’m not getting better. Why would 5 rounds make a difference?”

Here’s how!

You’re going to play those 5 rounds like you normally would, and use the scorecard I’ll provide you with. You can still use a course score card if you like, but the score isn’t important, it’s the 5 categories of stats that we are going to keep. Yes you are going to keep stats, just like the big boys on the PGA tour! Listen to an interview with Dustin Johnson over the past year, and how he talks about his wedge and putting stats. What did he do to get himself to the position he’s in now? He analyzed his stats and created a plan. You are going to do the same!

I see it all the time when people go to practice, the first thing the grab is their driver and at least ½ the bucket is driver swings. Now, there’s a time and place for that don’t get me wrong, but in 18 holes of golf, if you’ve shot 85, that means that you might have hit 14-15 drivers at most (if they all stayed in bounds). So that’s 18% of the shots you hit on the golf course, that you’re giving the most attention too during your practice. If you 2 putt every green and shot the same 85, that means you used 42% of your strokes on the putting green. Seems like an odd practice plan when you think of it that way doesn’t it?!

So what stats are we going to keep? 5 simple stats that won’t be hard to keep during your round:

  1. Fairways hit (Except for par 3’s)
  2. Greens hit in regulation
  3. Green missed short or long (S/L) (If missed)
  4. Putts taken
  5. Score

Take these stats for 5 rounds of golf, and you will notice a trend in your game. We can make educated guesses based on all of these stats that will help you to figure out what you need to practice. Did you miss a green in regulation and then still 2 or 3 putt? This could mean that you need to work on your chipping or putting abilities. Did you leave the majority of your approach shots short? Maybe you need to get yourself a distance gapping session to find out exactly how far you hit your clubs. Are you hitting fairways, and then missing greens? Seems like your iron accuracy needs some help.

All of these things are obvious when you have a look at the stats, but that’s the issue is that most people don’t take the time to record the important information.

So that’s the CHALLENGE! I challenge you to record your stats for 5 rounds of golf, and see where your golf game needs help. Re-think how you practice, and you will get the most out of it! Bottom line is, your golf game gets better, just by playing 5 rounds and reflecting on them using the information you need to make an informed decision. Are you up for it?

I want to hear about it! Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, and step up to the challenge! It doesn’t matter what you shoot, it’s the fact that you are thinking the right way about changing your golf game! If you are up for it and commit to keeping the stats, send them to me and I’ll help you analyze the data for FREE! I’ll help you focus on what you need to practice just because you completed the challenge!

I can’t wait to see what you can do with your golf game! Have fun!

Download and Print the 5 Round Challenge here.


PGA of Saskatchewan Professional Garrett McMillan is a regular contributor to the SaskGolfer community.For help with your golf game, contact Garrett at The Golf Academy of Regina at