Vegas Baby Invitational 2022

Vegas Baby Invitational 2022

What is the True Value of the Vegas Baby Invitational?


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Unarguably “The World’s Biggest Pro Am“, the annual Vegas Baby Invitational has been receiving plenty of attention in the last few years. And deservedly so!

Armed with one of the easiest going PGA of Canada Professionals in the nation, our team of 5 put in our best effort with Steve Ryde as our pony at the 2022 edition. Ryde, well known in the Canadian Golf Industry as a proud PGA of Saskatchewan Professional, made his Vegas Baby debut this November and by all accounts is going to be another fixture on the annual Professional participant list. Our team didn’t quite make the prize table, but to be fully honest, we weren’t one bit disappointed. A great time was had!

So what’s all this hype being raised about the Vegas Baby Invitational? For myself, it’s the overall value and organization of the colossal event. After returning from the 2022 edition, I’ve have had a solid 3 weeks to compute the “Actual Value” of the 2022 Vegas Baby Invitational (rounded off to the nearest $25 casino chip).

Let’s face it, when visiting Las Vegas, the main objective is to get the maximum overall entertainment value with the least amount of sleep possible! Time is money. Saying that, one of our most proven value propositions for the Vegas Baby Invitational is the perfectly orchestrated bus transportation for on time (and safe!) delivery of the players to their respective courses.

Bus Transfers True Value – $675

Getting golfers on a bus seems pretty basic, but a steady mix of adult beverages and a crazy run at the craps table can throw a golfer’s equilibrium way out of joint! We’ve heard many amazing stories of golfers taking advantage of a winning run at the tables up until the wee hours of the morning and barely making the scheduled bus departure, casino chips dribbling out of their pockets. The time saved by not having to drive yourself and your squad to each golf course equals money…. specifically, that 1 – 1.5 hours saved each day could be spent winning at the tables, or for others, catching some quick shuteye. On top of the saved time, your group saves hundreds of dollars by not having to rent a vehicle during the trip. Whatever your pleasure, we calculate Bus Transfers to have a True Value of $675.

Bus Transfers Formula – 8 / 3 + 4.5 / 25X – $275.75 + (3 x 24 / 7Y) = $675

Breakfast True Value – $100

Throughout our 3 day rotation in 2022, our squad enjoyed 3 amazing breakfasts…. we don’t typically like to play favourites, but when it comes to an ideal golfer’s breakfast, we have to single out the Reflection Bay Golf Club as they absolutely nailed it! We overheard an annual Vegas Baby Invitational participant state “this place has the best breakfast!”. Enough said.

Breakfast Formula – 3 x 12X + (18 – 6Y) / $30 + X = $100

Cocktail Parties True Value – $700

With a minimum of 2 Cocktail Parties, we’re not saying you get $700 worth of adult beverages! Pretty sure you understand that. What we’re saying is by attending the Cocktail Parties, you’ll see golf industry acquaintances you haven’t seen for a while, and stumble across some amazing networking opportunities. Scott Kolb and the Vegas Baby team ensure you are graciously welcomed and treated to some complimentary gambling juice. At the 2022 event, we ran into at least 12-15 Canadian Golf Industry friends and business colleagues. An added bonus for our team was playing directly behind 2 of the most respected golf industry personalities in Canada; PGA of Canada CEO Kevin Thistle and current PGA of Canada President Gord Percy. Our SaskGolfer cinematographer Connor Tate was able to get some valuable testimonials from the men to be used by Scott Kolb for future Vegas Baby marketing opps! I was also privy to some quality family time with niece Brenna and Big Allan!

If a $700 Cocktail Parties Value seems a little high, it could be. It’s entirely up to you. At the 2022 event, I efficiently maneuvered myself around the rooms (and courses) to collect a minimum of $1,200 worth of networking for our SaskGolfer and YasGolf businesses. This is in the form of future business and simply maintaining close friendships within the golf industry.

Cocktail Parties Formula – 2 x 1.5 / X + ($8 x 5 – Y) + 3 / 24 / X) = $700

Tee Gift & Prize Pot True Value – $425

Playing alongside a PGA of Canada Professional for 3 days has a value. Once again, just like the Cocktail Parties, the exact value is entirely up to you. If your golf game is lame, hit up your Professional for some support during the week. Just don’t abuse this privilege, there are 3 other ammy’s in your group that could need some Professional attention as well. The tee gifts vary from year to year, and the 2022 swag was a fun assortment, including a customized Vegas Baby Invitational belt and a pair of cleverly designed socks.

When it comes to prize payouts for the Professionals and Team component, you’re not going to get rich! Sure there’s a competitive element to the event, but you’re ultimately there to enjoy the day with friends, family and fellow golfers. Celebrating net eagles and receiving well-timed and rapid delivery of on-course beverages are considered wins for the day! The Daily Deuce Pot is always on your mind as the crew arrives at every Par 3 tee box. A sound Par 3 game can provide you and the team with a little kibble to parlay at the tables.

Tee Gift & Prize Pot Formula – 15 x 3 / $20 + (12X – 150) + Y – 4 = $425

Accommodations & Golf True Value – $2,200

This package item is the toughest one to calculate for overall value. When Scott Kolb secures hundreds of rooms conveniently located on the Las Vegas Strip, he ensures the hotel is a top draw. In 2022, we bunked at the popular Caesar’s Palace, which is in the heart of the Strip and pretty much gives money away at the #6 craps table on Wednesday nights. Check in and check out are quick and painless, and there’s a great variety of dining options within the confines of the roman themed hotel walls.

Within each course rotation you play, there is always a “premium” course mixed in that is either impossible to get on, or just downright expensive (but so worth it) to play on your own dime. Again, this item is a tough one to accurately give an overall value to. All said, your Accommodations & Golf items are valued at a very conservative $2,200, and can be as high as say $2,700 if you catch the perfect course / green conditions at your 3 course rotation.

Accommodations & Golf Formula – 4 x 3 x 175 / 8 + ($225 x 2Y) – 24 = $2,200

True Value of the 2022 Vegas Baby Invitational

As posted on the Vegas Baby Invitational website, registration for an amateur golfer is $1,899 CDN. Doing some basic math of my “True Value” calculations, you can easily see that on any given year, the annual Vegas Baby Invitational is a must attend. Maybe every 2nd year if your gambling bankroll is a little light. Non-gamblers or lightweights have zero excuses to not attend every year…. and based on the 650+ participants in attendance this year, you’ll want to reach out to Scott Kolb and secure one of the coveted “Invitations” as soon as possible.

See you again at the 2023 Vegas Baby Invitational.

Important Note: The calculations of the “True Values” are fantasy numbers and don’t accurately reflect the actual pricing and values of the Vegas Baby Invitational….they are conservatively low in our opinion. We are not paid by the Vegas Baby Team, we just respect and endorse amazing golf / travel opportunities provided and supported by dedicated PGA of Canada Professionals that grow the game of golf.

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By Scott Allan / SaskGolfer