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Elk Ridge Resort - Enjoy and Relax


Elk Ridge Resort - Enjoy and Relax

By George Bowditch, Sask. Golfer

There is so much more to the Elk Ridge Resort than just golf. Sure there is the beautiful and challenging 27 holes of golf that is a must play for any golfing enthusiast. The golf course is one of the top-ranked in the province of Saskatchewan. The course, which is built in the boreal forest offers spectacular views as well as the great golf.

Each of Elk Ridge's spectacular 9-hole courses is named after an indigenous tree: aspen, tamarack and birch. The course is immaculate and there are tee boxes available to accommodate all levels of golfers. Ranking among Saskatchewan's top courses, Elk Ridge attracts a wide range of avid golfers. GPS-equipped golf carts transport golfing enthusiasts, amateur and professional, young and old. A fully-stocked pro shop as well as GPS-equipped golf carts to carry you around the course will make your golfing complete and unforgettable.

If you are a nature lover, then Elk Ridge Resort is the place for you as it is situated in pristine wildness close to the entrance to Prince Albert National Park. The resort is a four-season one with activities for you to participate in year round. Cross-country skiing, skating, tobogganing and nature watching are just a few of the activities you can enjoy during the winter season. Please check with Elk Ridge Resort to see what activities are planned during your stay. There is no need to travel any further as Elk Ridge Resort offers an impressive variety of accommodations for you to enjoy.

At the Elk Ridge Lodge with its decor influenced by the surrounding boreal forest, the Lodge offers natural beauty combined with pure elegance. You stress level will drop immediately in these relaxing surroundings. You can relax at the spa or take a dip in the salt-water pool and hot tub. There are also rooms available in the Lodge but you must book well in advance to be able to secure one for your stay. You can also enjoy a scrumptious meal at Copper Ridge Dining Room while you gaze over the pond and trees through the vaulted wall-to-ceiling windows of the Lodge.

The cabins are hidden away behind towering evergreens at Elk Ridge. These comfortable cabins will make your stay very enjoyable. Four of these cabins even have hot tubs to help relax after your day of activity at the Elk Ridge Resort. The cabins have a fully stocked kitchen, satellite television, a fireplace, deck and barbecues.

Elk Ridge Resort also offers townhouses for you to stay in and they offer great natural views and are only a few steps from the golf course. Each townhouse has its own deck and everything you need. Book early as these town houses are very popular and you don't want to be disappointed.

You can also purchase one of the Cottages at Elk Ridge and you can also gain a return on your investment by placing them into the rental pool when you are not using your cottage.

Elk Ridge Resort offers you many packages to choose from wedding packages, golf packages, spa packages, and many more. Just give the resort a call and they will help satisfy all your needs for a great relaxing experience at one of the finest four season resorts in Saskatchewan.

For more information please call 1-800-510.1824 or 306-663-5800.

You can also email Elk Ridge Resort at

The Links of North Dakota

The 36 Most Common Mistakes in Golf

The 36 Most Common Mistakes in Golf

We don't love the term "mistakes" here. It sounds kind of pompous and preachy, like we're going to rap you on the knuckles or start slapping behinds if we get you to admit to any of these little gaffes. That's not our intent at all (even if you're into that kind of thing). We're well aware of our own shortcomings-in fact, they were the catalyst for and provider of much of the content that follows. Think of our advice as coming from a good friend, a caring golf partner or the guy you tortured last Saturday by taking three practice swings before every damn shot.

Our so-called mistakes are not limited to swing or playing faults. In fact, the bulk of them fall into the social and emotional realms, like hitting on the beverage-cart girl or thinking everybody wants to hear the blow-by-blow of the 98 you just fired. Our tips are mostly common sense, which golf sometimes has a funny way of taking away from us. So open your mind, and let's go.


Screaming "Get up! Get up!" when your playing partner's ball is flirting with a water hazard doesn't promote friendship the way the screamer thinks. Most partners are ambivalent about it, but opponents downright hate it. Why? Well-intentioned though your shouts may be, there's always the suspicion that you aren't as sincere as you would be if it were your ball.


"Is it you or me?" "After you." "Are you sure?" Meanwhile, paint is drying, civilizations are rising and falling, and the folks playing behind you are trying to quell their rising fury. Forget the honor-hit when ready.


"The contrast is murder," says our fashion guru, Marty Hackel. "Black is excellent for funerals and job interviews in law enforcement, but it doesn't go well with neutral-colored golf clothing. Your socks should be the same color-or lighter-than your pants or shorts."


The legendary Paul Runyan, winner of the 1934 and '38 PGA Championships, said his easiest opponent was one who had just consumed ham for breakfast. Too slow to digest. Likewise, scarfing down the Double Eagle Burger before heading to the first tee will teach you a hard lesson about playing golf in the throes of digestion.


Back when bloodletting and reading tea leaves were all the rage, golfers performed clubfitting in some strange ways. To test shaft flex, they waggled the club or even leaned on it. For lie angle, they simply peered down at address. Today, the performance advantages-especially distance-of getting fit make it the only way to go.

You can read the full article here

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