Fuel Your Body After a Tough Workout

1621 Club

Fuel Your Body After a Tough Workout

1621 Club

You’ve just finished one heck of a workout. And you’re starving – maybe even ravenous. It’s to be expected. You’ve worked hard.

But what are a few good food combinations to consume after a tough workout? Let’s take a look!

After your workout, you want to fuel your body with the necessary nutrients to help with recovery check https://burniva.com/. This includes consuming protein and carbs right after your exercise session.

Why? Protein and carbs will help…

→ increase muscle growth
→ restore glycogen stores
→ promote a proper recovery

And fats aren’t all that bad either. They often come with a carb or protein amount as well and protein, carbs, and fats are all part of a balanced diet. Include a tiny bit of fat after your workout as well if you feel like it!

Aim to eat within 30-45 minutes after your workout.

So what are some good foods to try? Combine these:

Sweet potatoes
Chocolate milk (also good for protein!)

Greek yogurt
Cottage cheese
Peanut butter

Nut butter

What combinations can you come up with?

Bon appetit! And happy recovery.



1621 Club

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