Vegas Baby Invitational

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Vegas Baby Invitational

The World’s Largest Pro Am Rolls out the Red Carpet for 500+ Golfers Every November at Nevada’s Finest Courses


vegas baby invitationalWe all know Las Vegas is the place to go for gambling, fine dining and entertainment. But what about golfing?

Thanks to hundreds of golf starved Canadians, and the amazing golf event management skills provided by a handful of PGA of Canada Professionals, Sin City has proven to be one of the best golf destinations you will ever experience. After attending the Vegas Baby Invitational for the first time in 2009, our group of five golfers quickly realized why the event had been termed a “can’t miss event”. We’ve returned to the event three times now, and as long as we get approval from our significant others, and our gambling reserves are well stocked, we’ll be back in future years.

What makes the Vegas Baby Invitational so special, year after year? For starters, how about an opportunity to play some of Las Vegas’ top golf courses with 4 of your best pals. Each team comprises a PGA of Canada Professional and four Amateur golfers. Ask your local PGA of Saskatchewan Professional if he / she has ever attended, and if they’d return again. If they’ve played in the event before, chances are extremely high that they will be returning. With the many talented PGA of Saskatchewan Professionals we have in our province, you’ll be witness to some fantastic golf, not to mention the opportunity to play some exceptional golf courses in Las Vegas. 

From the moment you arrive at the host hotel, which is most often the famous Caesars Palace, PGA of Canada Professional Scott Kolb and his team instantly roll out the red carpet. A cocktail party awaits you the first day of arrival, followed by 4 nights of accommodation and 3 rounds of exceptional golf at Nevada’s best golf courses, and wraps up with another cocktail party. A well choreographed bag drop off and bus transfer procedure, along with generous 10:00 a.m. shotgun tee times, allows golfers and companions plenty of time to fully enjoy the entire Las Vegas experience.

cascata golf clubWhen it comes to the golf, one facility that impresses the Vegas Baby Pro Am participants year after year is Cacsata Golf Club. We played Cascata on day one of the recent event and thankfully we brought along our camera. Cascata, Italian for “waterfall,” is aptly named. A 418-foot waterfall cascades over the steep mountainside that towers above the practice ground. The Tuscan – inspired clubhouse is unique in every possible way, with golfers beginning their day by boarding their golf carts inside the clubhouse….yes, inside the clubhouse. After purchasing a couple of well-priced souvenirs, we were directed down a set of stairs where our golf carts awaited us. After meeting our personal caddy, Alex, we jetted out into the sunshine.

What made our day at Cascata such an amazing experience, besides the pristine course conditions and tranquil setting, was the outgoing and congenial interaction of our caddy Alex. Providing ideal lines off the tees and precise green reads, Alex was also a wealth of information on everything from the best dining spots on the Las Vegas strip to the best show currently playing in the hotels. If you’ve never experienced having your own personal caddy, you’re in for a real treat at Cascata.

Scott Kolb, General Manager of the Victoria Golf Club in British Columbia, is the man behind the annual Vegas Baby Invitational. We caught up with Scott and asked him what makes the event such a huge success.

SaskGolfer: The Vegas Baby Invitational Golf Tournament is one of the world’s largest golf events and in 2018 you celebrated year #17. Scott, how did your event become so popular?

Scott Kolb: I believe it’s good value compared to other destination proams and our casual atmosphere. Most of the budget is thrown into the best courses we can get on. Vegas has enough to offer without requiring formal dinners. We have a couple of cocktail parties but otherwise the nightlife is up to you. 

SaskGolfer: Managing a Golf Event with over 500 participants annually is no small feat. What are your keys to operating a successful golf event?

Scott Kolb: Technology is a must. I know I could automate even more but then it would lose its personal touch. It’s finding that balance that is key. 

SaskGolfer: We’ve personally played in the Vegas Baby Invitational on three different occasions, and each year we are pleasantly surprised with the overall experience. What’s in store for 2019 and beyond for the event?

cascata golf club
Cascata Golf Club

Scott Kolb: Variety is key. We try our best to make sure to mix up the courses so you don’t play the same one in back to back years. We have 11 courses that we use to help keep the mix alive. But the formula of picking great courses, fun hotels and casual atmosphere will never change. We try to do something different annually to keep it fresh.

SaskGolfer: We don’t mean to put you on the spot, but we have to! In no particular order, what are your 3 favourite golf courses in the Las Vegas area?

Scott Kolb: Southern Highlands, Cascata and Dragon Ridge. They are always in great condition and fun layouts.

SaskGolfer: At your 2018 event, our caddy pointed out to us Floyd Mayweather hanging out in his backyard while we were playing Southern Highlands. Are there any other interesting encounters that stand out over the years?

Scott Kolb: In 2017, Andrew “Beef” Johnson thought we were fun to hang out with and gambled and partied with a few of our players.

SaskGolfer: For spouses or family not playing in the event, but traveling along with participating golfers, what would you recommend for daytime entertainment?

Scott Kolb: Shopping that week is good as it is Black Friday so there a lot that have some great specials. The Spa at Caesars is amazing, and since it’s a quieter week in Vegas (US Thanksgiving), the shows are typically at a better price. We plan to coordinate some tours next year to non golfing activities.

SaskGolfer: In 2018, SaskGolfer assembled a “Best Of” list, and one of our questions was “What’s your favorite Southern golf destination?”. The panel included some highly respected golfers from throughout Saskatchewan. Las Vegas was ranked in the Top 3 by our panelists. In your opinion, what makes Las Vegas such an ideal golfing destination?

Scott Kolb: It’s a city that can keep everyone happy. Vegas long shed their image of only being a gambling city. There is so much to do with the best entertainment anywhere, great shopping, amazing dining experiences. I have been to Vegas 40+ times and I haven’t done it all, not even close. For Golfers you can pick your value courses or play the ones like we do which are as good as anywhere.

SaskGolfer: Scott, what’s your “go to” game to play in Las Vegas? Craps, Blackjack, Slots?

Scott Kolb: I used to be able to put in a full shift at Blackjack but love the fun at a craps table. Slots are a last resort.

Thanks Scott Kolb, we can’t wait to get back for the next Vegas Baby Invitational. 



vegas baby invitational

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